Choosing the Perfect Holiday Party Venue in Central Arkansas

The holidays are upon us and ’tis the season to party. Whether you’re gearing up for a company holiday party, a glitzy Christmas celebration, or a winter-themed wedding, the planning process can 
be daunting. But, the truth is, holiday party planning does not have to be stressful. Yes, I said it. By simply choosing the right venue, you can cut down on the stress and plan a party that will give Martha Stewart a run for her money.


Set your celebration up for success by following these tips for choosing the perfect holiday party venues:

Know your numbers

It is possible to throw a holiday party without breaking the bank. Your budget should be at the forefront of your mind from the minute you begin party planning. Get out your spreadsheet and calculator and price your plan. Think about the venue itself, invitations, catering, entertainment, decorations, and gifts and favors.

Not only should you set the budget, but tally up the number of guests you expect at your event and have that number in mind while touring venues. Be aware of the maximum capacity your chosen venue can hold.

Location, location, location

The best place for your company holiday party is a location practical for everyone involved. Charming, out-of-the-way venues may look nice in photos, but issues of directions and parking can quickly arise. Larger, centrally-located venues with ample space for guests to park are the way to go. If your guest list includes out-of-towners, the last thing you want to do is send them on a wild goose chase. Choose a venue within close proximity to the hotels at which your guests will be lodging. A location that’s convenient and easily accessible will encourage people to attend your event.


Consider a unique venue

Sure, you could stick to hosting your company party at the office or decking the halls with your guests in your own living room, but that may not leave the impression you were hoping for. The ideal holiday party venue provides more than just an open space

for guests to gather; it creates an unforgettable experience. Leave the boring and traditional behind and choose a venue with an interesting history or unique interior.
Choose a venue that offers more than just the space
Finding an unforgettable venue entails more than just choosing the perfect party place. Once you’ve booked the location, you have to provide the guests with something to do during your party. The food, the drinks, the entertainment accommodations, the seating, the decor—all things to consider when thinking about where to have a party or choosing venues for company holiday parties. Wouldn’t it be nice if your chosen venue already had all of that? When hunting for venues, pay special attention to those specifically designed to host events of this nature.
Crystal Ridge Distillery is a premier event center conveniently located downtown in Hot Springs, Arkansas, just minutes from historic Bathhouse Row. With over 3,600 sq. ft. of space, the event center is housed in a 1920s Prohibition-era structure that has been revitalized to include modern amenities while maintaining its history and authenticity. Audio and visual accommodations, staging, tables and chairs, in-house catering, and bars are available to host any type of event, making it the ideal choice of venues in Hot Springs, Arkansas.
If you’re hosting a holiday party this year and need ideas, give Crystal Ridge Distillery a call. Meetings and tours can be scheduled by calling 501 627-0722 or emailing

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