Cocktail Tuesday: Spiked Lemonade

Best Cocktail Recipes for the Summer

As summer approaches and pandemic restrictions lift or loosen around the country, folks are eager to get together again. This time of year in Arkansas, that usually means gathering
outdoors on patios or porches, around pools or ponds, or on the beach or a boat. When family and friends gather, summer signature cocktails can set off the seasonal fun.

Let Crystal Ridge Distillery’s Honey Lemonade be the foundation of your summer cocktails. It starts off sweet and ends with a sour punch. With Arkansas-sourced honey and real lemon juice, our Honey Lemonade Moonshine will let you look back on childhood and sipping
lemonade in the summer sun, but through a grown-up lens. This tangy moonshine cocktail is the perfect combination of citrus zest and natural sweetness.

Combine Honey Lemonade with your favorite lemonade – homemade and fresh squeezed or pre-packaged – and you’ll have our signature Spiked Lemonade, a classic summer cocktail! This easy beach beverage is great for making ahead in a large pitcher. Lemon wheels and fresh
blueberries kick up the visual appeal in a glass pitcher or pint glass. TIP: Freezing the lemons and blueberries will help keep your summer alcoholic drinks cool without having ice water it down before you and your guests can enjoy.

· 1 ¼ oz. Honey Lemonade Moonshine
· 5 oz. lemonade
· Lemon slice

Instructions: Pour Honey Lemonade Moonshine into an ice-filled pint glass or pitcher, top with lemonade, garnish with lemon slice.

Our Honey Lemonade also goes great with your favorite iced tea or you can combine tea and lemonade for a Spiked Arnold Palmer.

· 1 ¼ oz. Honey Lemonade Moonshine
· 4 oz. sweet tea
· 3 oz. lemonade
· Lemon

There are so many options and our moonshine is the perfect alternative for those looking to
replace vodka cocktails with something more unique. Nothing captures the spirit and grit of the Old South quite like moonshine. Click here to learn more about our moonshine flavors and

Feel free to let us know how you customize your Crystal Ridge Distillery cocktails, whether you’re on the porch, the water or the sand. Share photos and posts of your summer signature cocktails with us on Facebook or Instagram.

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