Delicious Food and Moonshine Pairings

Pairing food with spirits is a task best handled delicately. Neither taste should overpower the other. Instead, they should work together to enhance the flavors and elevate the experience.

Thanks to moonshine connoisseurs who have gone before, we have crafted a list of foods that will pair perfectly with your chosen spirits at the next party or event.

Dark chocolate

A bold glass of moonshine paired with a slab of dark chocolate creates a match made in heaven. Flavors can be mixed and matched to fit preferences. For example, a bar of plain dark chocolate tastes excellent while sipping Crystal Ridge Distillery’s Espresso or  Salted Caramel moonshine. A bar of hazelnut chocolate pairs well with almost any spirit, while a citrus- or fruit-infused chocolate would taste wonderful with a citrus flavored spirit.


Cheese and flavored moonshines both age well and can have similar flavors, such as smoky, fruity, or nutty, so the combination possibilities are endless. For example, salty cheddar cheese combines well with spirits containing notes of honey, like Crystal Ridge Distillery’s Honey Lemonade moonshine. Likewise, Apple Pie moonshine would pair well with a softer cheese, such as Gouda or Brie, while Maple Bacon moonshine would taste great with a more robust cheese, such as Cheddar or bleu. 

Fruits and nuts

The classic choice for gatherings big and small, fruits and nuts have long been a delightful combination—and they’re even better with moonshine. The lightly sweet flavor of cashews pairs well with a fruity spirit, while almonds taste best while sipping on something drier and spicier. 


Nothing says moonshine chaser like a perfectly grilled steak or smoked meat. Steaks rich in fat content go well with spirits containing smoky flavors, while leaner meats pair better with sweeter hints of flavor, and cured and dry meats fit well with smooth, buttery  drinks. 

Crystal Ridge Distillery’s menu of appetizer offerings pair well with every spirit and preference. The Jar-Cuterie, the distillery’s spin on the charcuterie board, is a meat and cheese jar filled with smoky meat sticks, cheese, crackers, olives, fruit, and pretzels. 

The distillery also serves a smoked pulled pork sandwich and smoked moonshine brat, both with chips.

Call Crystal Ridge Distillery at 501-627-0722 for more information or stop by in person at 455 Broadway Street in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

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