How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Destination in Central Arkansas

June is wedding season in the South, despite the rising temperatures. Though many couples are getting ready for their special day or are in the planning process, one important question has to be answered: how do you pick the perfect wedding destination?

While there is no shortage of places to get married in Arkansas, truly unique wedding venues are few and far between. Here are four tips to help you pick the perfect wedding destination:

Tip One: Keep Your Budget Top of Mind

Before you get to the fun part of booking the perfect wedding reception venue, you have to take a step back and consider your budget.With so much going into your special day, it is important to create a budget and list of the things that you must have, such as a cake and maybe even a DJ, and then calculate what you will have left for the venue. Here Comes the Guide has the perfect wedding budget planning process that is easy to follow, and you can access the guide here.

Tip Two: Create a Vision for Your Special Day

Now that you have your budget mapped out, you will want to consider what your vision is for your Big Day. Whether you want to create a unique vision board or just a bulleted list, once you map out the types of themes and environment you want for your wedding, you’re one step closer to finding your perfect venue!

Tip Three: Consider Your Guest List

When considering your wedding venue, you will also want to consider how well it will accommodate your guests. If you’re planning a destination wedding, you might want to think about locations close to hotels or other attractions, and if you’re catering to an older crowd, then you might want to consider comfortability and even environmental factors such as what the weather and temperature might be.

Tip Four: Tour Your List of Potential Wedding Venues

Taking into consideration your budget, vision and guest list, you can now set up meetings with wedding venues with clear goals in mind!Make sure you come to the tours with a list of your wedding reception ideas and must-haves at the venue to make sure that the space will accommodate your overall vision. Also, be sure to take photos during your tour and come prepared with questions to help plan out the logistics of your reception.

At Crystal Ridge Distillery, we have more than 3,600sq. ft. of space, audio and visual equipment, staging, tables and chairs, in-house catering and bars offering the perfect place to cater to you and your guests’ needs. On your special day, experience the beauty of our revitalized 1920s building that was hand-built with state-of-the-art craftsmanship for its time. Conveniently located in downtown Hot Springs, our new rustic event venue includes modern amenities while still maintaining its authenticity and providing an abundance of natural light. Check out our online photo gallery to see many celebrations at our venue.

You can learn more about how we can cater to your needs to make your day one to remember by contacting us or by giving us a call at 501-627-0722. You can also fill out an interest form online and we will contact you to get the conversation started.

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