The Rise of Moonshine 100 Years Post-Prohibition

It’s November, which means we are mere weeks from closing out yet another year of the 20s — the 2020s, that is, which haven’t been much different from the 1920s. So far, this century’s 20s have been underscored by the wrath of COVID-19, which has taken the lives of about 700,000 Americans. Compare this to the 1920s, when people were still reeling from the Spanish Flu, which claimed the lives of around 675,000 in the U.S.

There is one thing, however, the 2020s have that the Roaring Twenties
didn’t: moonshine.
legal moonshine.

The prohibition of alcohol in 1920 was a poor attempt at reducing crime and corruption and solving social problems. Instead, the exact opposite happened, and moonshine exploded in popularity because it was cheaper and had a higher alcohol content than beer and wine.

After failing miserably and costing billions of dollars, Prohibition ended in 1933 and Americans were once again free to manufacture and sell alcohol.
Decades passed without most Americans ever laying eyes on another jar of moonshine. However, when the recession hit in 2008-09, many states began looking to boost employment and tax revenue. One of the ways they accomplished this was by loosening laws regulating distilleries.
This nudged moonshine back into the spotlight once again. In 2012, roughly 250,000 to 280,000 cases of moonshine were sold.
Today’s increasing popularity of moonshine could be attributed to its criminal past — it’s almost like tasting the forbidden fruit. Even 100 years later, Americans haven’t lost their knack for rebellion.
Moonshine’s versatility is another huge selling point. Sip it straight, chilled, on ice — the possibilities are endless. It works beautifully in cocktails or mixed with other flavors. Crystal Ridge Distillery manufactures a variety of moonshine flavors perfect for drinking straight or mixed. The distillery’s flavors include cinnamon, peach, grape, pineapple, root beer, salted caramel and strawberry.

People are also tired of giving their hard-earned money to corporate America. Somehow, spirits taste better when they’re made by local distillers, like Crystal Ridge Distillery. Every dollar spent at Crystal Ridge supports the individuals and families who live and work in the community.

Moonshine is part of U.S. history, and more and more Americans are paying tribute to those hard-working, hard-partying citizens who have gone before us.
Next time you’re in Hot Springs, Arkansas, stop by Crystal Ridge Distillery for a taste of the Deep South and celebrate our country’s past.
Crystal Ridge Distillery is located at 455 Broadway Street in Hot Springs.
Call 501-627-0722 for more information.

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