Our story

"bringing the moonshine tradition out of the woods to the heart of Downtown Hot Springs"

Welcome to Crystal Ridge Distillery where our goal is to offer an experience that will leave you talking about it to all of your friends and family. Based in Hot Springs, AR our location offers endless possibilities for a truly unique venture. When you walk in, you will experience the beauty of our 1920 built building. Hand-built with state-of-the-art craftsmanship for its time, we have revitalized this structure with modern amenities while keeping in with the 1920s authenticity. From revealing the 1916 fire doors to leaving the rough cut lumber rafters exposed, every detail exudes the original architecture. Adding our own industrial twist, all elements of our distillery are highly energy-efficient providing tons of natural lighting.

Our moonshine begins with the creation of mash from finely ground grain. The grain is cooked to extract the starches. These starches are then converted over to fermentable sugars with the help of enzymes added to the cooking process. The yeast will convert the fermentable sugars into alcohol and eventually moonshine. When the mash is ready, it will be pumped from the fermentation tank into our pot still, “Patrick.” Patrick is a 250-gallon copper and wood still that must be heated to 173 degrees for the alcohol to change to a vapor and begin the distillation process. 

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Once Patrick reaches the magic temperature, the alcohol vapors head into a doubler which is designed to distill the output of the pot still a second time, without actually having to run the distillate through the still twice. This is necessary to make high-proof moonshine. 

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The moonshine then moves into the condenser tank which cools the vapors and turns it into alcohol. Alcohol starts coming out at around 168 proof! Once this process is finished, all that’s left is bottling and properly labeling our ‘shine to be passed on to you!

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Our process

Making moonshine is a process that dates back to a time when farmers could make more money from turning their corn into whiskey than selling it as grain alone. A process that is still illegal without the proper permits, we decided to bring the moonshine distillery process out of the woods to the heart of Downtown Hot Springs.

why we started

Danny Bradley graduated from U of A with a Ph. D. in poultry science. After years of traveling for work, he decided it was time to return to his home in Garland County. His love for the state of Arkansas and the Hot Springs area inspired him to join in the revitalization of the downtown area. He knew that jobs were one of the keys to creating a thriving city. Since its beginning, Crystal Ridge Distillery has had a mission to create jobs. From the construction and renovation of “The Old Country Store” into Crystal Ridge Distillery to the distillery itself, Danny has plans to not only create a family-friendly venue but also help immortalize a piece of history that is so important to the Hot Springs area.