With the crazy events over the last month very fresh on my mind, I was reminded of a time that was somewhat similar where all Americans came together in unison for a cause, which was World War II.

During WWII, American citizens united, and many factories set aside their original operations and were retooled to begin manufacturing items needed for the war. Over the last month, we have witnessed many of the same attributes displayed by the American people on December 7th, 1941. 

Americans have united in war not against a nation or a people, but against a virus that has threatened our lives and our loved ones. Many people have laid aside their personal lives and ambitions for the good of others. We, in the United States, have observed healthcare workers rushing to volunteer wherever they are needed. We have seen American people and companies begin to sew masks by the tens of thousands for people to wear to help prevent the spread of this virus and manufacturing plants retool to meet the demands of this war against Covid-19. TODAY, I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!

When we found out at CRD that we had been granted a temporary permit to manufacture sanitizer to combat the virus, we knew instantly that was our mission. This is how Crystal Ridge Distillery can contribute to this war. During the past month, we have helped thousands of individuals and businesses alike to stay productive. However, we would like to help more and we believe as the lockdown ends and people go back to work frequent use of hand sanitizer will be even more important. 

Our hand sanitizer is made to FDA and WHO standards as laid out for distilleries to produce. Our sanitizer meets the 80%ABV approved to stop the spread of this virus. It can also be used to wipe and sanitize surfaces.


How You Can Get Our Sanitizer

We have pickup and shipping options for our sanitizer.

In the Hot Springs AR area, you can order sanitizer using the order form below. Then you can pick up your order at 455 Broadway St. in Hot Springs, AR.

For those outside of Hot Springs, we will ship it to you. For shipping we require case quantities in the 750ml and 1 gallon sizes. Place your order using the form below.

We are currently working with several public and private schools, universities and health care professionals. We offer specialized tier level pricing for bulk orders. Please give us a call to find out more about this offer.

If you are a retail business and want to carry our hand sanitizer, please call us at 501.627.0722 for wholesale pricing.

750ML Bottle


1 Gallon


5 Gallon